An extra “E”, is that nessesary? Really, Renaissance Faire?

Due to the standby reason of having nothing better to do on the weekend Curtis and I agreed to attend the Northern California Renaissance  Faire, and then I found out that we were expected to dress up. I mean I knew people dressed up for these sorts of events, but thought they were not the sort of people we hung out with. Turns out I was wrong, and thus I frantically started sewing together a tunic I found the pattern for online.

My tunic turned out pretty decent, and although Curtis’s tunic was a giant failure (due to a combo of impatience, me hogging the sewing machine, and a lack of really wanting a costume on his part), we managed to rent a sweet shepherds out fit for him at the faire. We were a pretty good looking set of farmhands, if I do say so myself.

Overall a good time was had with jousting, comedians, singing, dancing, and good old fashioned crazy people with over prices water and beer. And I hate to admit it but I totally enjoyed judging everyone’s outfits, like a an episode of project runway gone wrong.

PS: Jacquie Blom, your dress would have been SO amazing here!