Embrace 2015

Like a Squirrel Annihilating a Giant Pine Cone – Get all up in this New Year!

I found this squirrel image set and video today and decided there was definitely a New Years lesson to be had. I mean, look at that enthusiasm! If we all attack 2015 with this level of ferociousness then 2o15 better watch out! Alas, I looked back on my 2014 “Non-Resolutions” and I honestly didn’t complete a single one of them – BUT only because some other sweet opportunity present itself. Backpack Sequoia National Park?…..

Seven Things to Love about Leave no Trace

Valentines for Hikers / 7 Things I love about Leave No Trace

Happy Valentines Day! Valentines day makes me think of all the people and places I love – including my love of hiking. To express my love of hiking I thought what better then a series of valentines/love notes from hikers to trail. Better yet: base my valentines (very loosely) off the leave no trace principles! Leave No Trace – What’s Not to Love? The 7 points of leave no trace…


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