Houghton, Michigan to Bismark, ND: Day 1 of a trip to California

Outside my window on 901 Houghton Ave there is a bird who in the morning calls a little song, wee-woo. As Curtis and Basil and I finally set off on our trip to California leaving Houghton behind the wee-woo brid was calling at me.

Anyhow, Day 1, arguably the longest day of our journey though the back roads of the UP, Wisconsin and Minnesota before finally reaching one long and dark straight highway in North Dakota. Basil was pissed. What Basil didn’t know was my personal goal of going to the maximum number of tourist traps while retaining a slight speed advantage over Curtis in the Uhaul. Bunnies are supposed to like break on road-trips (AKA: they like not being in motion), so while selfish I continued the course and we stopped at 1 park, 3 tourist traps, and slowed down moderately to take the pictures of 3 state welcome signs (for Jacquie). Other than the obvious welcome signs the main attarctions were:

  • The park in Wakefeild, Michigan, where Basil and I ate lunch and enjoyed the Sunshine
  • A giant deer statue hopping over a piece of wood in Deerwood, MN
  • The remnants of a family fun Paul Bunyan amusement park, torn down to make room for the ever necessary Kohls shopping center, in Brainerd, MN
  • The worlds largest turkey stature built to replace one other largest turkey statue that burned down in an epic paper-mache turkey fire. Now some punk kids chucked a rock at the poor thing’s beak, in Frazee MN