In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and in 2010 Curtis & Denise biked past a winery or two

Not postponing going to Murphys and doing this bike loop any long Curtis and I set out on a couple day long adventure. Our Goals were to:

  • Enjoy the wine and chocolate flight in town
  • Find the vegetarian restaurant we have heard good things about
  • Camp on the cheap
  • Bike the loop that my road bike was dreading (GRAVEL!!!)

What was accomplished instead was:

  • Took Curtis’s new Focus on it’s first real adventure
  • The wine and chocolate flight at Wild Heart Winery
  • Finding and discovering the vegetarian restaurant was not open whenever we walked past (to be fair the big “Season” for this town is over)
  • Camping at the campground we always camp at,  Wakaluu Hep Yo, which happened to be the last day the camp host was working (AKA one day latter it would be free!)
  • Driving up the pass to check out the most talked about ski area in our town, Bear valley. Did you know that ski areas without snow are weird to look at? And discovering Lake Alpine at the top, which was pretty quaint.
  • Biking our loop, where most winerys were closed, the gravel road lead us past a California “conservation camp” – which are prisons run by Calfire, over a cattle guard where I elegantly ate it, and up “Hernia Hill” to the Twisted Oak Winery… I kind of want to do the running race up here next year…
  • But making the whole trip worthwhile, we saw a REAL LIVE JACKRABBIT, while biking up that stupid hill. And he hopped like a gazelle!  I wish I got a picture, but you just had to watch it while he was there, omg.
  • Just kidding the whole thing was fun and worthwhile :) Happy 2nd Anniversary weekend, Columbus Day, and October!