Do Wrong to None

Love All (of Nature) – Interpreting Shakespeare for the Out of Doors

I am in the middle of binge watching Criminal Minds on Netflix right now. On the show they do these bookend quotes – at the beginning and/or end of each episode – that tie a famous quote into the situation at hand. My unfulfilled ambition is to make a tumblr of my cat, Herman, looking like a doofus as these wise words are quoted. I would call it “CriminalMindsCat” and it would be epic.

…Of course while binge watching any TV show the last thing you want to do is stop, so this is still a far fetched ambition. Plus is already taken, so whatever…

Quotes are funny in that they can be adapted to represent a range almost anything. For example, CriminalMindsCat is probably neither what the original quoter or the writers at Criminal Minds had in mind when inserting these words. Obviously once we put something into the world we have little control over how it is used afterwards – especially in the case of inspiration.

This is why I am pulling a quote I just heard, and asking you to consider it in the wilderness/nature aspect. It is the popular Shakespeare quote:

Do Wrong to None

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”

In my mind that could mean we love all nature, only trust the few we have earned the knowledge of, and respect all. Isn’t that a beautiful idea? Actually it is a beautiful idea for anywhere. Cool job Shakespeare.