Masterlock it.

Lovelock, NV to Groveland, CA: The Finale of Our Roadtrip!

The finale is a bit of an overstatement. It was more like a great pleasure to get out of California Lake Tahoe Memorial Day traffic and find our hotel that basil took an instant liking to. Meaning he wanted to chew all the antique furniture, of course (We bunny proofed!).

  • Leaving Lovelock, NV we put our lovers lock on the chain in the town that replicates an ancient Chinese tradition of people putting a lock on a chain to symbolize their enduring love, and throwing away the key. These chains of course were started in 2006 when the Nevada tourism council decided one of their cities show symbolize true love instead of spur of the moment weddings and “Girls, Girls, Girls!” Curtis and Basil and I made our addition with an extra Master lock Curtis had from the moving truck… Curtis has this doubt we will ever go past Locelock again, but someday, we will see that lock years latter and Basil will be a grumpy old bunny and say only stupid kids would have such whims. ;)
  • I to a quick drive by Reno just to peer at the “Other” biggest little city in the world… I guess Elko coined itself as a small town so the tourism departments aren’t at odds.
  • I left Jacquie a phone message as I drove into California and took the least successful entering a new state picture yet, it went something like this: “Inevitably when you enter California after a long road trip you will be in a construction zone, behind a Walmart truck.” I always figured my welcome into the state would be something like this.

At least by the time we drove down and back up some mountain like terrain to get to Groveland we found the Groveland Hotel to be a pretty old school fantastic time. We stayed in a room called Betty Fries, which came with leopard print robes. Suddenly, I felt a little more welcomed to California :D