Colorado Road Trip

Road Trip Jams

This is embarrassing, but Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off – before it was overplayed on the radio – might have been the official “jam” of my drive to Colorado this summer. It was a good choice mostly because when stuck in a car for 12 hours shaking it off is good for rest stops and getting over the anxiety of NEVER GETTING THERE.

Shaking it off on the drive to Colorado meant bobbing along to the song in the car… but it would have been way cooler if we had done this:

Long car rides always seem to draw out my love of catchy pop songs, midnight talk shows (I’m looking at you Coast to Coast AM), and all the podcasts. Basically, anything that will make me somewhat more aware and tuned in. Safety first!

Sorry #NaBloPoMo for posting two very quick video refrence posts… but this video brightened my day.

Road tripping! #Colorado

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