The Stanislaus National Forest is OPEN!

The Stanislaus National Forest is OPEN!

There has been a forest order(s) closing down most of the Groveland district of the Stanislaus National Forest since the Rim Fire started in August 2013. Now over a year later the order is expiring and we are allowed back into our backyards!

I really want to go into the forest sometime soon just for the heck of knowing I can – but I have heard a lot of rumors saying that between the forest Rim Fire loggers and the people who are now allowed to go into the forest to collect firewood for winter it might be extra dangrous for your average person without a hardhat. Also rain/snow is coming our way (Hopefully!) starting today.

Basically, the forest is open – but be careful! Which is always the plan, right? ;)

I’m thinking maybe a trip down to Preston Falls if the weather permits on the weekend. I don’t think there should be that much good firewood down there.

For more info on what exactly is and is not open now the Union Democrat has a good article.