Natural Bridges CA State Beach

Stately Parks in the Santa Cruz Area

Deciding we needed to see the Ocean, Curtis and I ventured through the central valley and over some winding mountain roads to Santa Cruz. We visited the Wilder Ranch State Park and took a cute little low altitude bike ride to the Natural Bridges State beach. I officially decided I much rather like biking at sea level with minimal hill-age. Word to the wise though, the lengthy network of bike trails at Wilder Ranch… mountain bike trails :(

Below are my pictures from the State beach (that is the natural bridge in the background), and you can investigate the State park photos on Curtis’s photo album (I couldn’t help but include the cute seals from that album below!). Also I think we have some more sweet pictures on a disposal camera I have yet to develop that I received as a bride’s maid gift from Kate’s wedding. That should be a grab bag of fun pictures if I ever do finish off the camera!