Squash Linguine

Summer Linguine – Cover to Cover Cooking

Summer Linguine is the first recipe in our Cover to Cover Cooking series, where Denise & Jacquie cook the entirety of Hedi Swanson’s ‘Super natural every day’ and share their experiences.

Denise’s Review: I got to pick out our first recipe. Meaning, I told Curtis that I wanted to use our the summer squash and zucchini in this recipe… which he kind of took over. I helped! Plus, it wasn’t really that much different then the go to recipe I made the entire summer of 2008 when I was living by myself. Here let me share that with you:

Denise’s generic recipe to cook everything in the summer of 2008
Ingredients: summer squash and zucchini, cooked healthy & cheap looking pasta, Parmesan cheese, pepper, fancy spices.

  • Chop vegetable, saute it with some garlic, and any other spices that make you feel fancy.
  • Add butter and Parmesan, until both melt.
  • Plate with pasta and pepper, take to TV to watch on Sundance on-demand while sitting in front of air conditioner.
  • Proceed to clean up, call Jacquie and my parents.

Ah, good times. Unless if Jacquie bitterly remembers that as the summer that I would not stop calling her. Sorry!

Jacquie’s Review: My husband dan does not like squash. I was unaware of that fact when I married him. I’m a little bit bitter that he didn’t  share the fact that he dislikes one of my favorite families of food until I was stuck with him for life, so sometimes I pretend to forget about his issues with squash. When Denise told me the Summer Linguine was her first choice, I promptly decided it was an occasion to ‘forget’.

So I grated up the first zucchini  I have bought from the farmer’s market (which felt weird…I’ve never grated a squash before), carefully watched my minced garlic swim about (I always burn it),  and made up some fettucini (dan likes wider pasta, and I hoped his joy in getting his way with the pasta would help break the news about the squash).

I put a little extra parmesan on Dan’s plate to disguise the green squash bits and tried to convince myself he wouldn’t notice. Well, that didn’t work, but it turns out I shouldn’t have worries. Grated squash is just fine with that boy. What?! I give up on understanding him. Happily, we’ll definitely be making this one again.