True Story: Deer Love Pine Mountain Lake

True Story: Deer Love Pine Mountain Lake

I just got off the phone with my Mom, who told me that my Dad is off at deer camp. Which means a daily routine of being cold for a few hours followed by hanging out with the guys. My dad is not upset if he doesn’t get a deer at deer camp because I am pretty sure relaxing is a higher priority during his vacation than dragging a carcass through the cold snowy woods (says his vegetarian daughter).

I am not going to sit in any cold woods waiting for a deer to maybe jump out. That seems ridiculous. Not only because I am a vegitarian but also because I live in Pine Mountain Lake – the best golf course deer refuge this side of the Mississippi. (I made that up, but that doesn’t make it less true)

Golf Course Deer Herd

Typical day on the Golf Course

On any given morning there is a family of deer camping out in the patch of 10 trees next to my driveway. Consistently one is sleeping under my deck. They mass migrate from one side of the subdivision to the other by the dozens (Pro tip: a 5pm run is prime time to see this go down). The other month I stopped what I was doing to watch a battle for alpha male deer dominance. Do deer have alpha males? Pine Mountain Lake deer do!

& of course there is no shooting inside the gate – thank god, our houses are way too close together.

Admittedly it gets kind of old keeping a constant eye out for deer on the road everyday – but those spotted fawns are still pretty adorable. And sometime I feel like freaking Snow White when simply standing on my deck… until I need to shout at one eating the neighbor’s trash. Deer, can’t live with them, can’t live in Pine Mountain Lake without them.

Pine Mountain Lake Fawns

Cute little guys.