Day Hiking Inspiration Point, Yosemite: Our second trip focusing on an Inspiration.

Day Hiking Inspiration Point, Yosemite: Our second trip focusing on an Inspiration.

Inspiration Point Trailhead: Behind Tunnel View, off of Hwy 41 right outside of the Valley
Distance: ~ 2.5 miles, but filled with steep switchbacks and hot in the summer sun!

Quite like our trip to Butte, Montana where once I found out about the inspirational quality of Our Lady of the Rockies, the moment my eyes glanced over the ‘Inspiration Point’ marker on the Yosemite map, it was destiny.

On our second trip to the park, we bought an annual pass… so we may have quite a few more trips… and intended on going to the  Sequoia Grove in the southern portion of the park. As typical of CA, it was so freaking hot, and the consensus would be to make it to the shade and try to move slowly.

As soon as I realized it was our destiny to climb to inspiration point though, we ditched the idea of shade and slow movement for the concept of brutally hiking uphill, until it would become colder due to the shear elevation change. Curtis, of course thought this was a great idea because he likes hills, and was pretty sure their wouldn’t be a 90 ft statue at the top of any point in Yosemite.

Our photos below show the journey through later day. We started at the Tunnel overlook, which we didn’t take any pictures of because every family that drives past here stops at the parking lot to take a picture, and we thought we should save room on the camera. After our climb (990ft according to the internet!) we managed to find the outlook “Spot” thanks to he help of some cool guy wandering down the slope. Turns out the point is unmarked, but you go over an old crumbed asphalt road, scamper down the rocks, and generally find the “inspiration”.

Yeah we found it.

After researching online I found out that the inspiration point we were at is actually the second inspiration point, that was located on the old wagon road that was in place prior the construction of the tunnel that cars now use down below. Inspiration point used to be more maintained, with less scampering, but since the wagon road was decommissioned trees have been growing quickly. Both inspiration point and tunnel view below it look out at the valley, with a view of El Capitan, Half Dome, Bridal Veil Falls, and the Cathedral Rocks. This was the first view the white man’s army party ever saw of the Yosemite Valley. The actual point the white men saw is called “Old Inspiration Point” and is located a good bit more up hill, off trail, and halfway up a mountain than were we were. I told Curtis that we are going to be going there soon! :)

Also, pictures of a Cute Baby bear! … PS: if the pics below aren’t working properly, or you are just curious than check out Curtis’s photo Gallery.