Ottoway Lake Backpacking in Yosemite National Park

Backpacking from Mono Meadows to Ottoway Lake, Yosemite

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Keeping with tradition of the 2012 Isle Royale Trip, the six Michigan Tech alumni – Kate, Kris, Jacquie, Dan, Curtis, & I – Backpacked Yosemite National Park in for 4 day /3 nights in late August. We started at Mono Meadows trailhead off of Glacier Point Rd and hiked up to Lower Ottoway Lake. The trip totaled approximately 30 miles in length and Approximately 6200 ft in elevation gain during the length of the trip (according to Google Earth path Mono to Ottoway). Best of all we managed to avoid the smoke from the nearby Rim Fire during our trip and introduce everyone to the Sierra, bears, marmots, and Yosemite.

For detailed trail descriptions, camping spots, water availability, Yosemite wilderness permit information, and pictures check out my blog post detailing each day of our trip:

Backpacking Trip Ottoway Lake, Yosemite.

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